Poetry from the depths of time

Whiff of Sax

for Joe Jennings and Leroy Jenkins



Its smell.

Hear it smell?

Smell it.


Can’t tell

(Can tell)

What’s that smell

You hear?



No stuff

You know is

Heard here.


Viol smell?

Viol’s meld

With sax riff,

Whiff of


Sax sound.

Look ’round–

You, just you,

Smell it.


Gone now?

Gone. How

You smelt that

Sound you

Don’t know.


But you did.


One response to “Poetry from the depths of time

  1. here’s the first [and so far only] poem i ever sold. pearl cleage bought it for her long-gone literary magazine, catalyst. it ran in the summer 1990 issue.

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